Having problems with installing broadband ?

Need help networking & wireless networking ?

Need a virus /spam removed ?

Need a new computer / laptop

KCS offers a friendly and personal computer repair service to bury St Edmunds  and surrounding areas.

I will either fix it in your home or your office or pick-up and deliver and can fix remotely for you.



  • Internet connection problems
  • Network problems
  • Router / modem problems
  • Virus / spy ware / rogue ware removal
  • System cleanup
  • System crash problems
  • System recovery / reinstall
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Laptop / desktop hardware repairs
  • Printer / peripheral connection problems
  • Mobile Internet connection problems
  • Data backup from crashed systems
  • Software / hardware compatibility problems
  • Laptop repairs
  • Help with Apple Mac & IPods,IPhone help
  • Xbox repairs

Data Recovery


Why do computer technicians talk gibberish?

I couldn’t think of a good reason either, so i created KCS

Everyone has a computer and everyone has problems with their computer. When your computer goes wrong what you really want is to be able to turn to an expert friend and get them to sort it out. Only not everyone has such a friend and even those who do, feel reluctant to impose on them (and then there are those who have someone who tries to help, but tends to make things worse…